Sunday Gratitude

I’m logging into our systems to review the work that our team has been doing, and … wow.

Last year Allie and I went through a process of “re-founding” the company.

The businesses turned 10 years old (and I turned 38). We threw no parties and had no celebrations. We went back and captured the magic of 2013 in our business … but with 10 years of experience.

We did all the corporate stuff: set new visions, goals, and strategies for hiring and strengthening the team. We worked on improving systems, pricing, focus, etc. Found vendors & partners to support our blind spots. Etc.

And we sit here in the middle of January, launching 6 new projects for clients over the coming weeks. And starting new projects for clients that are folks that … in Allie and my wildest dreams … we wouldn’t have imagined walking through our front doors.

We’re also pulling off the highest quantity and quality of work for ongoing clients – some we’ve been around since 2013. We’re watching them keep on growing.

And that’s my story, from my perspective.

But checking in on this Sunday hits differently because Allie and I have had opportunities to do it alone. For it to be based on us, they get the high fives, client recognition,

Somewhere in the world, I could write a post about how smart and savvy I am and list some numbers explaining the growth and turnaround that our team has gone through.

But to me, my most proud feeling comes from watching every teammate operate at a higher level than they did a year ago.

If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together.