Finding My Spot

6 years ago, The Wonder Jam was birthed. 

Allie and I were a natural team with complementary skill sets. But there was a problem. 

Allie had been working on art, design, photography since she was 12. I’d been in marketing since I was 21. 

She knew what she was doing. She had her role. But, I flailed to find something that would stick. 

It took me years to find my role. Years. I revolved around her skillset trading back and forth around the role of janitor, CEO,  unmotivated intern, and business partner.

Yesterday – on the 6 year anniversary of a company that I co-founded – I ran into a friend and I told her, “I think I’ve found my groove.” 

6 years. 

If feel yourself flailing about, it’s OK. Keep moving. It takes time and experimentation and evolution to find your flow. 

Keep going.